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Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint -7 Fierce Glowing Shades!1966 Magazine

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Fenty Beauty Body Sauce


BODY BAWDY BODY BAWDY BODY!! Well, she did say all year she would be applying the pressure and Rihanna is steadily introducing all of our makeup necks to her foot! What’s her latest cosmetics release? Here comes Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint, a skin enhancer formulated with multi-nourishing ingredients in 7 SPELLBINDING Shades!

Now before anyone says anything… yes we know, we know Rihanna already has a body luminizer apart of Fenty Beauty’s repertoire. Nevertheless, this entire article will explain how Body Sauce IS NOT a replacement of the fan favorite Body Lavas; instead Body Sauce is a gorgeous compliment to them.

The Fenty Beauty started doling out vital details today about their Body Sauce. The makeup company reveals,

“Never-Ending BODY Glow! Introducing that NEW secret sauce to getting the sexiest legs because it’s always time to show some skin.

We showin off that bawdy-ODY this szn! Glow ahead and flaunt it with BODY SAUCE  – our NEW blurring body tint that enhances the skin you’re in with light-to-medium buildable coverage to even out and instantly blur away the appearance of blemishes and imperfections with 7 shades for AWL skin tones.”

YES! As mentioned there are 7 mesmerizing colors to be had. They are:



Looks really good right? How about we see these pretty colors on actual people? Check out this swatch!


Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint -7 Fierce Glowing Shades!


Fenty Beauty Body Sauce


So as you can see, more body products have now been added to Fenty Beauty. Basically BODY LAVA helps give skin a dewy, radiant look. And BODY SAUCE helps blur imperfections while giving you a stunning glow. Similar but with slightly different effects.

Nonetheless, Fenty Beauty shared a little more detail about their new SAUCE. Like how often you can use it, how to use it and when. They explain,

[It’s] a subtle, everyday luminizing tint for your body with a silky texture and transfer-resistant formula. In seven skin-enhancing shade options.

A blurring body tint that enhances the skin you’re in with light-to-medium buildable coverage to even out and instantly blur away the appearance of blemishes and imperfections, with a silky texture and transfer-resistant formula, comfortable, and smooth to the touch. The lightweight, gel-cream formula blends into skin, leaving a sunkissed, healthy-looking radiance. Contains Babassu oil and Vitamin E.


Fenty Beauty Body Sauce


Your secret for when it’s time to show a little skin. This innovative formula delivers a silky texture that’s transfer-resistant, comfortable, and smooth to the touch. The lightweight, gel-cream formula blends into skin, leaving a sunkissed, healthy-looking radiance. In seven shade options to accentuate your skin tone. Glow ahead, flaunt it day or night.

Apply to clean, dry skin and blend. Layer for custom buildability. Tip: Plays well with the Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160. Apply everywhere: arms, legs, shoulders, collarbone – anywhere you want to glisten.”

So In a Nutshell- What Are the Main Features of this Product?


Fenty Beauty Body Sauce 10

So basically with everything that Fenty Beauty is saying about Body Sauce; it really boils down to 8 key elements or features. To make it easy we have complied them into a “cheat sheet list” below. So at anytime you want to quickly be reminded of something regarding Body Sauce; you can shoot straight over to this section, consult it and get your answer!

Key Features of Fenty Beauty’s Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint

  • Skin-enhancing body tint, in 7 flattering shades
  • Buildable, blendable coverage
  • Gel-cream formula with a comfortable, light-as-air feel
  • Smooth-glide texture
  • Radiant, lit-from-within effect
  • Subtle shimmer that enhances skintone
  • Contains Babassu oil and Vitamin E
  • Humidity-, sweat-, and transfer-resistant formula

Why We Really Like This Release

So now that you know some of the details. We just quickly would like to give our two cents as to why we feel this beauty drop is not only timely, but ESSENTIAL. First of all, in a lot of places, things are still shutdown due to the Covid pandemic. We’re all basically locked away in our towers like Repunzel, WHICH unfortunately probably means what in beauty terms? Well simply put, that you are probably not getting much sun baby girl.

At least not the amount you would have gotten being out and about in your normal day to day activities before lockdowns. Due to this you may have noticed your usual makeup tones are not fitting as well as they used. What’s up with that?

Well, being indoors might have you looking slightly lighter because you’re not getting the same exposure to the sun. It’s like in the summer you may notice yourself being a little darker and in the winter you seem a bit lighter in tone.

So basically what we are saying, it’s time to wake our skin back up! A lot of times being outside you just naturally get a beautiful, radiant glow. Therefore, since we are all still stuck inside this product is a great way to still achieve the melanin rich, sun-kissed look of summer vacation without ever stepping foot out the front door.

But don’t just take our word for it. Scroll down to see a cool Before and After example!







Why We Really Like This Release -Girl Don’t Be Messy!

And finally what’s great about Rihanna’s Body Sauce, is that it is indeed saucy BUT it WILL NOT get all over the place! This is amazing news, because as many of us know that these types of body tint products tend to get all over the place. Yeah you look great, bronzed and glowy; but your pillows, sheets, clothes and furniture are all paying the price.

Fortunately, Rihanna thought ahead and made sure the formula of Body Sauce is legit. The Fenty Beauty brand promises that the formulation is not sticky AND wait for it…. it’s transfer resistant! So you don’t have to worry about seeing body makeup stains everywhere. Your product will stay exactly where you want it, on your skin.



Nevertheless, there is another thing to note about this release. While the colors are very beautiful and they look like they would be perfect as a tinted moisturizer or something. Don’t do that. The key word here is that this product is a “Body” Sauce. So it is recommended to be used on the body ONLY, not on your face.

Body Sauce- What Fenty Beauty Fans and Customers are Saying!

Whenever Fenty Beauty is about to do a makeup release, it does not take long for word to get out among the cosmetics masses! What are people saying? Is it positive or negative?

Well, we went multiple social media platforms and you guys… the excitement is real! People are HERE FOR THIS new product and are looking forward to the day it comes. However, don’t just take out word for it. Here are few Beauty thoughts we saw commented, tweeted and posted up.

“Okay I’m ready to show some SKIN! Thank you Rih!”

“Alright Miss Ma’am I knew the body products were coming. I KNEW IT!”

“Oh yeah y’all just went off!!!!”

“Can’t wait.”

“Fenty!! You just keep doing it!”

“She did it again!”

“I can’t wait to use this on my thighs.”

“Great idea -but will it transfer to clothes and chairs and sofas? Hesitant.”

“WHOA didn’t see this coming?”


“Nah we gotta have the BOSS lady demonstrate this new new for us; haven’t seen a full FB tutorial since. And no fast forwarding this time MKAY.”



“Well alright now! If it’s Water-Resistant then I’m all in!”

“Wooo love me some glow. Can you tell us the difference between this and BODY LAVA?”



“Just take it all Rihanna.”

“Wowwww it’s mine I’m manifesting it.”

“Super excited! I hope it is not as sticky as the body lava.”

“Y’all must be working with the feds cause I swear I was just saying I needed a product like this lol.”

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint -The Final Word


Fenty Beauty Body Sauce


So we have filled you guys in on all the details to know so far about Body Sauce; as well as what real customers and fans are currently saying. However, before we let you go there are still a few more things we must discuss together. Such us when is Body Sauce officially dropping, where will you be able to get it as well as how much it will cost you. Therefore, let’s get into it!

Lets start off with when you’ll be able to get your hands on Rihanna’s latest creation. Well, aren’t you lucky… Rih is dropping it this month! Actually this very week! Beginning on March 5th Body Sauce can be yours.

Where will it be available for purchase? Body Sauce is not a exclusive that will only be sold on the Fenty Beauty website. It will be available on all the regular retailers. Which would be Harvey Nichols, Boots UK, SEPHORA, SEPHORA in JCP and of course on

Now lastly let’s talk price. As of right now it looks like this item will be right below a $50 price point. Each tubing of Body Sauce will currently retail for $48.

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