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What I’m Loving Right Now – Product Picks Of The Moment

It’s been a hot minute since I put together one of these favorites posts for you guys. I feel like I share a lot more snapshots of my product picks on Instagram Stories, but they disappear into the abyss so quickly. In case you’ve been missing them recently, here’s what I’m loving right now from threads to snacks to home goods!

  • Ribbed Knit Zara Sweater – This goes with everything and is under $50! Such a steal.
  • Mirror Phone Holder – Excited to use this for Getting Ready With Me Content and TikTok videos! It should be a cool angle to film with and is easy to use.
  • Whole Foods Organic Snacks – I bought these three ingredient Solely fruit snacks for the kids, some coconut yogurt from Harmless Harvest, and Solely Organic Spaghetti Squash.
  • Rowdy Sprout Biggie Smalls Tee – This hip hop t-shirt gem is actually for Rio, but I kind of wish it came in my size.
  • Yellow Nike 77’s from Stockx – I’m a sneaker fiend and I snagged this vintage pair on this Stockx platform. You can bid on the items you want and then they’re authenticated before being shipped out.
  • Black Girl Baking Cookbook – I’m pumped to try out these recipes by @chocolateforbasil! I found this book at WholeFoods and had to add it to my collection.
  • Franca NYC Mugs – Officially obsessed with this local shop in Brooklyn. They have the prettiest designs for ceramics and kitchenware. I have a few of their mugs and they just put me in a good mood.
  • Official Byredo Candle – The most luxurious candle on this side of the Mississippi. The Burning Rose scent will put you into a relaxed, zen state.

I hope you enjoyed this mini roundup. Let me know if you try out any of the products above, or if you have any recommendations I should know about! Happy shopping.



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