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2021 Spring Athleisure Capsule — THE DAILEIGH

When you hear the word ‘activewear,’ that sometimes gets confused with being active in the gym or for when you’re working out — you have to be living an active lifestyle to wear this type of clothing. So, in a lot of women’s minds, they think this style isn’t for them.

Remember, when you start to place labels on items, you’re unintentionally, confining yourself to certain styles because you think those styles aren’t a fit for you. In the end, placing labels like activewear on items and thinking there aren’t other ways to wear this style, is when you start to rule out items you actually can be wearing.

Is an active lifestyle required to wear leggings?




Labels are flexible. Meaning even though it can be intended for an active lifestyle, you can also wear this style of clothing as an everyday casual look – without working out!

If you enjoy comfortable and relaxed clothing, would love to be able to wear leggings in a fun and stylish way and don’t mind a sporty twist to your look, then you’d enjoy an athleisure style!

An athleisure style surrounds the everyday essentials that you already have, like tees, tanks, casual dresses, jackets to cardigans. Active clothing, like pullovers to leggings, and leisurewear, like jogger pants to sweatshirts. It’s a combination of the most comfortable and stylish relaxed clothing and a nice switch from your go-to casual style – jeans and a shirt.

You can pull off this style – look good and not have an active lifestyle. If you’d like a new way to dress casually, then an athleisure look gives you that option.

And this eBook is going to show you how to pull it off!

The following is a preview into the Spring Athleisure Capsule 2021 eBook.

This eBook helps round out your dressy and casual spring capsule with a more laid-back style that’ll work for lounging around-the-house, outdoor activities, casual outings to your everyday errands.

The best part about an athleisure look is you already have most of the essentials you need to pull it off. And this eBook will help you fill the gaps with some spring pieces.

All of the items featured are handpicked to fit the theme of the style and color palette. Here are a few of the clothes, shoes, and accessories included – there are links to purchase all of the items in this eBook with additional styles to shop in a private online shopping guide.

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