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Three Video Editing Apps I Use To Create Content

Photos and static images are great and all, but it seems like video content is king these days. With the rise of TikTok and IG Reels, I’ve been spending a lot more time watching other content creators’ twist on style, humor, or tutorials, in video format. It can be exhausting keeping up with the constantly changing formats of digital communication, but if you have the right tools and the right mindset, it can also be a lot of fun. I’ve been enjoying creating Reels for you guys and growing my TikTok channel. Coming up the creative concept behind each video is my favorite part, while editing is more of a doozy. But I wanted to share three video editing apps I use to create IG and TikTok content for anyone who’s hungry to get into the game.


Usually when I’m editing content for TikTok or IG Reels, I’ll use Inshot. It’s pretty straightforward if you’re new to video editing and you can do all of the editing in your phone. This is ideal for splicing together clips, trimming videos, adding music, and filters etc. You can also directly record voice overs within the app itself.


Videoleap is another one of my favorites, but it’s definitely more advanced. There are plenty of great tutorials on YouTube for beginners and I love all of the innovative formats you can create with this! The options are endless. There are also options for subscriptions to unlock all of the features with both of these.

Final Cut Pro

If you’re looking to create professional videos or longer form content for YouTube, this is your best bet. It’s only available for your computer and requires more skill, but as soon as you get the basics down, it’s very easy to get more creative with your videos and have them looking silky smooth.

Thanks for tuning in today! Let me know if you have any secret weapon editing apps I should know about in the comments.



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