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Hot Topic Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette-Take Your Face Down Memory Lane!1966 Magazine

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Hot Topic Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette


Return to the days of 72 hour rentals, the stress of seeing empty shelves under new releases; and the pure joy of running up and down aisles just to hand your selection to the kid with acne to check you out. Good FREAKING times! Hot Topic is rewinding the hands of time back to the days before streaming and box rentals with their Hot Topic Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette. With over 10 shades of pure nostalgia bliss!

Right off the bat there’s several thing to love about this makeup drop. Some reasons being:

  • The Cute as Heck Packaging -Literally this baby looks just like the old Blockbuster rentals. It’s amazing (Lol).
  • Won’t Break the Bank – This palette has never been over $20; so if retro nostalgic makeup is your thing; then at least you will not have to drop major coins in order to enjoy this product.



  • It’s Very “Shady” -This palette comes with 12 different shades for you to rock in your makeup looks. If you are a glitter and shimmer maniac then this palette will be slightly a letdown. Every single shade is a matte; so if you can live with that hanging over your beauty head, you’re golden.
  • Cruelty Free Honey!- If you love to protect our furry little friends, then you’ll love this aspect of the Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette. Hot Topic says it is totally Cruelty Free. Cruelty-free cosmetics is a category containing all cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.

Hot Topic Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette-Take Your Face Down Memory Lane!



So what’s Hot Topic have to say about their fun, vintage makeup release? In a short statement the fashion retailer states,

“What movie genre are you feeling today? Classics? New Releases? Fantasy? Combine them all with this eyeshadow palette inspired by Blockbuster! With 12 shades for any mood, a generous mirror and packaging that looks like a movie rental box. This is one blockbuster you won’t mind paying the late fees for!”

The late fees mention is such the cherry on top (HaHa)! Anyway, if you thought Hot Topic’s description was cute; wait until you learn the Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette’s shade names. They are all inspired and named after different genres as well sections you would have come across in an actual Blockbuster store. The back in the day color names are:

  • New Releases
  • Adventure
  • Classics
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Cartoon
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Television

The When, The Where and How Much?


Hot Topic Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette


Now that you know some of the awesome features of this eyeshadow palette; it’s time to get into some final necessary details. First of all, is still makeup palette available now? Yes! You can get your hands on this item right now to make all your fellow makeup addicts jealous (insert fire emoji).

Additionally, you will love the price of this thing. Originally, this palette came into the market at a price point around $17. HOWEVER, now it is on sale! You can now purchase this palette for less than $14! Currently, this palette is retailing for just $13.52.

So hurry and get in on the sale babies! If you would like the Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette all you have to do is head online to the Hot Topic online store. Their website is easy to remember, it’s just their name: Happy shopping!

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