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7 Items to Get You In the Mood – Scout The City

Bralette from Marks & Spencer

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. It’s Valentine’s Day week, which means candy hearts, plush teddy bears, and boxes of chocolate, will be infesting the aisles of every store near you. Valentine’s Day is coming up this Sunday!

V-day can either be a great opportunity to grow closer with your S.O. via a romantic getaway/dinner/date night, or a simple agreement to get takeout and hang out together on the couch. It could also be a little tense if say, he votes takeout and you vote romantic dinner, but there’s always space for a compromise.

Regardless of your stance on Valentine’s Day, the lovey dovey month of February makes for a golden opportunity to think about your relationship and invest a bit energy more in being a good partner. The truth is, at the end of the day, the only way to really solidify your relationship is through time and effort.

Being together for a long time doesn’t mean that things have to get boring.

Intimacy comes from paying attention to one another, which is a large reason why hubby and I always make it a point to schedule date nights. With two kids running around and our own schedules causing us to run around a lot as well, the spark from when we first met sometimes gets stifled under responsibilities. I think this is a textbook phenomenon in most long-term relationships.

However, I’m a big believer in the idea that being together for a long time doesn’t have to mean things get boring. Sometimes we get stuck in our routines. But with just a hint of spontaneity and extra effort, you can shake things up in your relationship and turn that spark into a flame. And I mean that in terms of your day to day duties, occasional date nights, and of course, in the bedroom.

With that being said here are seven sexy items to help you get in the mood for love and close all the tabs in your brain so you can focus on your S.O. this Valentine’s Day.

Sexy Lingerie

There’s nothing quite like some provocative underwear he’s never seen before to really get things going.

Bubble Bath

Slip into a warm tub filled with epsom salt or a luxe bubble bath. Simply getting yourself into a relaxed state will pave the way for a romantic evening. I love this CBD infused version from Lord Jones! Sooo relaxing.

Arousal Oil/Massage Oil

Spice up your normal routine with an arousal oil for some extra stimulation. You’ll love it and your partner will love that you love it. Otherwise, kick things off with a sultry massage.

CBD Chocolate

Again, the key to intimacy in the bedroom is that you must first feel relaxed. A hint of chocolate releases serotonin in the brain and the CBD infused component helps you zen out – that’s a good combination for love.

Silky Sleepwear

When you feel sexy, it’s much easier to get into the mood for love. That said, it’s not so easy to feel sexy in a pair of baggy sweatpants. Swap out your normal pjs for a silky slip or chemise, and you’ll instantly feel more in touch with your sensuality.


Okay, okay. It sounds a little romance novel-y, but the truth is lighting some candles around the room instead of choosing between a rinky dink lamp, the harsh overhead light or complete darkness, bathes the whole room in a romantic aura.

Maca Powder

I had to put an adaptogen in here because I love them that much. Adaptogens help regulate your mood so you feel balanced. And maca, in particular, is great for a healthy libido. Make yourself a coffee or healthy smoothie with a pinch of this superfood and get a burst of energy that also puts you in the mood for love.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little guide! Now it’s time to turn off your phone or power down the computer. Light those candles, and slip into something a little less comfortable…

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