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JW Andersen Women’s Chain Loafer -Comfortable Luxury (Fashionable Mention)1966 Magazine

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JW Andersen Women’s Chain Loafer


Shoes are interesting. They help tie together and complete an ensemble; plus they are accessories we must have on no matter when where go after we leave the house. We want them to help us look amazing, yet they also have to be vehicles of style that won’t leave our heels and toes in pain. Which is why we have fallen for the JW ANDERSEN Women’s Chain Loafer… where opulence meets comfort!

JW Andersen Women’s Chain Loafer -Comfortable Luxury (Fashionable Mention)



JW Andersen Women’s Chain Loafer


This shoe design is great! If you love to look chic and luxurious, yet be relaxed; these loafers will be right what the couture doctor ordered. First of all, the embellishment is hard to ignore. They make a strong fashion statement without trying hard at all. The LARGE chain decorative emblems connect themselves right across the mid-positioning of the shoe giving it a very undeniable RICH feel.

However, it is the relaxing ease of this shoe style. Being a “flat” you will never have to worry about foot pain from ridiculous sharp angles or heights.

Nevertheless, besides a gorgeous design and comfy fit there’s one more thing to discuss. How much will these loafers cost? Currently, these particular shoes by JW ANDERSEN retail for just $676.



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