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fall nail colors for 2020


One of the best things about transitioning from summer weather to cooler fall temperatures is embracing fall colors and shades. While summer is all about vacation-ready bright colors and neons to offset your bronzed summer skin, fall is the perfect time for muted tones and bold dark shades with the occasional pops of bright colors. There are a few staples that are always trending in fall, think dark shades like burgundy, classic nudes and of course, a pumpkin orange to consider for your fall nail colors in 2020.


Fall Nail Colors for 2020

This season we’ve spotted a few unexpected fall shades worthy of your next manicure, powdery blues, subdued greens and subtle shades of purple. To get you started we’ve rounded up a few shades to consider ahead of your next nail appointment. Keep reading to see our picks.


Nude Nail Polishes

You can never go wrong with a nude but nude shades aren’t one size fits all. Find a shade of brown or tan that pairs with your skin tone best. OOO Polish’s Abomey is a soft nude with neutral undertones that will pair well with many tones similar to Pear Nova’s Koko Roka. If soft nudes aren’t your thing, Breukelen Polished’s Therapy is a warm chocolate brown that’s the perfect alternative. 

OOO Polish Abomey, $10


Pear Nova Koko Roka, $13.50


Breukelen Polished Therapy, $11


Burgundy, Warm Purple/Red Nail Polishes

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a few warm, dark shades like this cranberry with subtle gold flecks from Pear Nova or this rich eggplant shade from La Pierre Cosmetics. Meet Me on Regents Street is another fall classic, the quick drying plum will easily become your favorite but one of the standouts is this muted purple shade Ikebana from J. Hannah, a cool-toned, gray tinged purple. 

Pear Nova Rub My Temples, $11.50


La Pierre Cosmetics, Romantic Chemistry $15


Hannah Ikebana, $19


Nails Inc Meet Me On Regents, $8


Blue Nail Polishes

Naturally you might gravitate towards darker blues like this stunner shade from Chanel which is worth adding to your list but we’ve spotted plenty of powdery blues usually reserved for spring. If bold and bright is your thing consider this pale blue from Mischo Beauty or this punchy hue from La Pierre Cosmetics.

Mischo Beauty Undaunted, $20


La Pierre Cosmetics Kat Gotcha Tongue, $15


Chanel Le Vernis Rhythm, $28


Fall Orange Nail Polishes

For oranges, we’re into these dusty and muted shades. Consider Donnatella from Floss Gloss a bronzy shade with flecks of rose-gold shimmer or Fauna from J.Hannah a subtle shade that’s just barely orange. Falling somewhere in between is Arabesque from Cirque, a dusty orange that’s still bold and warm enough to wear year round. 

Cirque Colors Arabesque, $12.50


Hannah Fauna, $19


Floss Gloss Donatella, $9


Fall Green Nail Polishes

Another surprising shade trending is green. To get in on the trend you can opt for classic olives like this one from Habit or this army green from La Pierre Cosmetics. If you want to go bright and bold Gucci’s Melinda is a vibrant green drawing inspiration from vintage polishes and Cirque’s Evergreen is a color changing shade that shifts from bright to dark green with heat so you don’t have to choose. 

Cirque Colors Evergreen, $16


Habit Cosmetics 20 Retrograde, $18


La Pierre Cosmetics Toxic Relationship, $15


Gucci Melina Green, $28


Metallic Nail Polishes

Cooler weather and fall/winter events always call for metallics. Usher in the fall with Earth Sign from Janet and Jo, a rich emerald with gold shimmer. Consider this rose gold shimmer from Mischo Beauty or this gold from Essie that will make the perfect New Year’s mani or accent nail. 

Mischo Beauty La Vie En Rose, $20


Janet and Jo Earth Sign, $18


Essie Good as Gold, $9


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