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Self-investment is one of my favorite forms of self-care because it is linked to personal and professional growth. Investing in yourself is making conscious decisions to add to your worth as a person as well as a professional. Just like someone may invest in property or stocks,self-investment can grant many wishes whether they be financial, spiritual, or beyond. There are many levels to self-investment, and today we will jump right in Pretty Birds.


What is self-investment?

Any purchase you make that molds you into a wiser and more conscious person is considered an investment. In the investment world, time is money. Anything you give precious time to is also an investment. The main thing to remember when thinking about self-investment is that you are diversifying your skills, learning, and truly loving yourself for who you are and who you wish to become. 


Reasons for self-investment

If you are someone who wants to influence others or be your own boss, it is imperative that you invest in yourself. If you are someone who wants to grow and become independent or obtain more money, self-enrichment is for you as well. Maybe you just went through something traumatic in life and have fallen into depression or a funk. Self-investment can connect you back to yourself and give you the opportunity to become someone you are proud of. Already, we as humans invest so much time in others. We invest time into our significant others and our children. We financially invest in the economy and buy from small and large companies. We invest time at work and into our friendships. When was the last time you invested in YOU? 


Lifestyle investments

Lifestyle investments are day-to-day decisions you make that affect your mood, and well-being. These are both important because they greatly influence your outlook on life. If you are someone who eats all organic produce, invests time and money meal prepping, or creates conscious eating habits – you are investing in yourself. These are all investments because you may live a longer and healthier life while also saving money on medical expenses. If you are someone who has a monthly budget for hair, nails, and grooming – this is an investment because it heightens your confidence and self-worth. Looking good may in turn make you feel good – which could give you confidence in a job interview or when networking with people for opportunities. Spending money on therapy, exercise, and even vacations are all forms of self-investment if they make you a better and happier person.


Professional investments

Professional investments are all about strengthening your inner expert and could include workshops, training, or certifications that will propel you into making more money while delving deeper into your craft or chosen career path. Any equipment you buy to better perform is an investment. If you are a photographer and you upgrade your camera, your images will look more professional and may land your more clients. Spending money to make more money is a professional investment. 


Social investments

Social investments have a lot to do with your surroundings and your social circle. Earlier we talked about how time also acts as an investment. The people you spend time with the most often are an investment in your life. Who you choose to be with as a romantic partner is also an investment. Humans are investments because they can affect the outcome of your life. Who we are around can grow or hinder us in many ways. Investing in people who will love and support you is essential to success. If you know that supporting and spending money in your social circle means it will be returned when you need support that is also a good investment.

Surround yourself with people who will help you in times of crisis, teach you things, and put you in a position to win! Be very selective about your social group because that is who will rub off on you. Naturally, you will pick up on the habits and interests of your friends. It is an investment in yourself to be around those who inspire you and sharpen your mindset.


Everyone’s self-investment looks different. Trust that value and potential will be the result of the energy you put into yourself. As SELF MADE’s author, Nely Galán puts it, when you choose yourself, “people will notice you, and they will choose you over and over again.” Investing in yourself means refusing to just float through life waiting for things to come to you, and making choices that bring you closer to your highest self.


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